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Tracking web data, such as clicks and conversions, is important to the success of any company with a digital presence. It’s most common for agencies and advertisers to choose just to use Google’s own conversion tracking to determine how their PPC efforts are performing. However, this option (particularly when not also using Bing and Yahoo tracking) is limited in effectiveness and is less flexible than you might realise.

Since Google has a large market share over the digital advertising world, some advertisers do not see the value in using Bing Ads or Yahoo Tracking, and instead often use the shortcut of duplicating any changes they make on Google over to the other search engines. The advertisers who use only one Search Engine tracking platform are missing out on the real behaviour patterns of users and, in some cases, mis-counting conversions. But even if you do use tracking from all three major search engines, much user behaviour is obscured or misreported. For example, for any ad campaign there can be a lot of cross-search-engine traffic and, if an advertiser only uses Google tracking, they will find that someone who clicks on a Bing Ad will register as converting on a Google ad if they have also clicked a Google ad recently. Or, for the same reason, if you have both Bing and Google tracking, both search engines could register a conversion for one user if that user had clicked on ads for both search engines. This is where 3rd party tracking (like ours) comes in to save the day and help advertisers make sense of their mounds of web/search engine generated user data.

Tracking your data + ESV Digital = maximising your ROI

We at ESV Digital, have always had our own 3rd party tracking system but in recent years we’ve evolved it into the EasyTrack system. This tracking solution not only functions on all websites and browsers, because it uses 1st party cookies instead of the often blocked 3rd party cookies, but it allows us to change tracking behaviour without changing website code and to track user actions beyond purely a click on a search ad should a client wish to add our cross-channel Analytics platform solution.

We, at ESV Digital, understand campaign data at a granular level because it is something we specialise in:

  • We offer an end-to-end customer acquisition, conversion and retention service tailored to your exact needs – and all designed to help you turn your digital marketing budget into sales, and your sales into profits.
  • Our team of Google AdWords and Bing Ads qualified analysts are experts at optimizing PPC campaigns. Our Account Management team has excellent analytical skills and can dive into the conversion funnel to get full insight into the true value of each of your marketing efforts.
  • We have a single tracking solution for multiple search engines and channels.
  • Tracking and understanding web data is often the bread and butter of 3rd party tracking solutions providers similar to ours, however, we set ourselves apart from the rest of the pack by owning our own cutting-edge PPC platform.
  • Our proprietary Platform is one of the most efficient, and powerful automated bidding platforms in the SEM industry. We are constantly investing in the research and development that provides us with an edge over our competitors. Thanks to the platform’s built-in revenue attribution across SEM campaigns, our Account Managers can analyse conversion/revenue performance and implement optimizations based on this data in a unique and streamlined way.

At the end of the day, money is made through understanding the power of behaviour tracking and revenue attribution. Using our 3rd party tracking in concert with our management technology enables us to improve our clients’ conversion rates. While billions are spent each year in customer acquisition, all steps of the customer journey are often forgotten and the last click is given too much weight. Our EasyTrack solution provides the capability to optimise the effectiveness and quality of the traffic on your site and therefore, drive your conversion rate. By understanding where your visitors come from and how they behave, you can learn how to improve your website and user experience and focus your acquisition budget on the most profitable visitor sources.

Bottom line, the more informed your bidding and budgeting decisions are, the better the performance you will see. Want to know more about how 3rd party tracking like ours can help? Send us an email at



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22 février 2016

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