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The Partnership

One of the hallmarks of ESV Digital is our algorithmic attribution software, which allows us to monitor activity and conversions across all of the digital channels. In order to bring even more capabilities to this platform and to display advertising measurement specifically, ESV Digital has partnered with Quantcast, a real-time bidding and audience measurement specialist. Together, they integrated Split Funnel Insights into the current reporting platform, providing marketers with a better way to evaluate display campaign specificities and performance.



Split Funnel Insights

“Split Funnel” is a methodology that allows advertising campaigns to be analyzed across different stages of the conversion funnel, and can be applied to any display advertising provider. “Splitting” the conversion funnel means dividing it into two spaces: prospecting and retargeting. Prospecting refers to any impressions shown to a user before they first visit a site, while retargeting refers to any impressions shown after the first visit occurs. This method allows ESV Digital to assess whether a banner view is prospecting or retargeting, which in turn helps to ensure that display advertisers are respecting the terms of the contract signed with clients (especially if the agreement is to focus on prospecting or retargeting only).

Banner advertising is a particularly difficult channel to measure the performance of since the branding impact needs to be taken into account. It is therefore important to measure not only clicks on display banners, but we also need to measure the view through impact (the impact on an internet user of seeing a banner ad, even if no click ensues). With the Split funnel implementation, ESV Digital is now in a position to offer both prospecting vs retargeting splits and view-through impact, which contributes to making it one of the most advanced multi-channel attribution softwares available on the market today.

We are excited about the valuable insights, knowledge, and increased understanding of user activity that will result from the integration of Split Funnel Insights.
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