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We are proud to announce the release of the SEM platform v6.10! In short, this update offers Bing Shopping campaign support, Yahoo Gemini Native Ads campaign support, and granular SEM radius targeting.

Bing Shopping

On top of our well established Google Shopping campaigns support, we have now implemented the newly released Bing Shopping campaigns (replacing former Bing Product List Ads) to our customers. This update has now made it possible to create Google & Bing shopping campaigns in a single interface, which will save a large amount of time and inconvenience. Advertisers can now fully leverage their product inventory feeds to seamlessly promote their products to 95% of US search users.

Yahoo Gemini Native Ads

After implementing Yahoo Gemini Search campaign support in recent months, we can now introduce Yahoo Gemini Native Ads campaign. Our customers can create Yahoo campaigns that will deliver on both Search and Native networks using image and video creatives. They will also benefit from our advanced platform features to efficiently manage and analyze Yahoo Gemini campaigns (audits, automated agents, mass edit, mass duplicate, reporting). On top of that, we also introduced Yahoo Conversion tracker management so that our customers can manage Yahoo Conversions sourced from Yahoo directly in our platform.

Radius Targeting

We now support radius geotargeting! This feature enables our customers to target people around a specific country, region, city, metropolitan area, GPS point, and location extensions. This, in turn, allows for our clients to target with greater granularity so as to improve ROI.

Audience Management

In order to target even more precisely, we now offer clients, when running search campaigns, an audience management tool, which permits targeting to a certain population of people based on their email address or their user behaviour on a website.

Performance Improvements

We have also improved the way data is retrieved, aggregated and displayed in the tabular view (the main interface you use to navigate and manage accounts) so as to reduce page loading time and improve efficiency for our customers. In addition, we are now using the most recent API update from Bing: Bing API v10.

This platform update allows our clients’ more efficient access to powerful SEM features on Google and broadens their PPC reach into Native Ads. Especially with the introduction of the Bing Shopping campaigns, our clients will now be able to reach a more diverse and motivated population to sell their products to. Have any questions about how to develop more robust SEM campaigns? Send us an email to

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27 janvier 2016

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